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Labor To Life

"A musical journey from conception to birth."

Labor To Life was a pre-release single from the Mimes On Rollercoasters™ - 3 album.  Imagine yourself in the delivery-room, giving birth to your first child.  (Okay, if you're a guy, that might be hard.  In that case, image you are in the delivery room with your mate, witnessing the birth of your first child.)  The confusion.  The pain.  The wonder.  The hope.  The questions!  Hopefully, we've accurately depicted that very moment with this song.  Enjoy!

April 1, 2014


Mark Ruester

Mark Ruester

Keyboards, Electric Bass,
Acoustic Guitar, Percussion
and Vocals

Lead Guitar

Copyright 2014 - Mark Ruester - All Rights Reserved


Lyrics & Music:

Artwork By:

Mark Ruester:

Greg Teresi:

Cover Art


Living, Dreaming, Touching, Feeling.

Floating, Needing, Loving.

spirit deep inside, another precious life,

Waiting for the chance,
the chance to breathe the air.

Trusting, Caring, Planning, Sharing.

Hoping, Wanting, Waiting, Longing.

Carrying his child, safe and warm inside.

her precious gift,

giving the gift of life.